Verpakken van peulvruchten met kwaliteit en zorg, verpakkingsbedrijf gelegen te Antwerpen. Internationaal actief

We specialize in packing legumes with quality and care.

A professional approach where the focus is on the customer throughout the entire production process.

We sell quality legumes and pack them in our own specialized production with great care and with an eye for quality.

Our machinery is brand new and boasts all the necessary infrastructure to label and package products.

Professioneel verpakking en etiketteren voor uw bedrijf. Eigen private label met uw bedrijfsgegevens. Bedrijf gelegen te Antwerpen
Beste kwaliteit aan peulvruchten, verpakking en etiketteren

Quality and care

The quality of the product and the sales process is paramount.

Verpakking van A tot Z

Complete packaging process

Elmofood buys products and packs them in ecological and reusable packaging.

Verschillende verpakkingsmogelijkheden, Elmofood gelegen te antwerpen, internationaal actief. verpakken en etiketteren voor professioneel gebruik

Reusable packaging

Our strength is a unique resealable label.

Internationaal actief, verpakking en etiketteren

International delivery

We supply our products internationally.

Privat label etiket, professioneel gebruik voor bedrijven

Private label

Have your own label printed on our products.

Etiketteren en verpakking met een eigen private label. Elmofood, gelegen te Antwerpen

Product range

Elmofood has an extensive range of premium quality legumes. We look for the best suppliers for each product. Our products are thoroughly checked and inspected. We pack our products ourselves so as to have full control over the entire production process.

Packaging options

A handy and unique label is provided to close all Elmofood packaging. We offer the option of providing your own private label on our products so that you can sell our quality products under your name.


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At Elmofood we attach the utmost importance to quality and follow-up. That is why we attend to your request with great care.