Etiketteren en verpakking met een eigen private label. Elmofood, gelegen te Antwerpen
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Packaging options

At Elmofood, the focus is on the customer and we find offering the option of a private label indispensable. Accordingly, you can buy our product under our own label, Sana Food, or you can choose for a private label with your company details. Your company values can take precedence when you sell our quality products under your own name.

The packaging consists entirely of foil, is resealable and has a capacity of 1kg.

We offer a fixed range of products to guarantee quality. Our products come from different countries to offer good value for money.

Sana food, our own label

Sana Food, our own label, has a unique design for each product. The label is printed on a transparent foil and has a best by date. The foil packaging exudes quality and is provided with a handy and unique resealable label that makes it enormously user-friendly.

Eigen professioneel private label, etiketteren en verpakking met zorg. Elmofood gelegen te Antwerpen

Private label

Each packaging bears a best by date. The products are packed per 12 and sealed in a foil. We place them on a pallet provided with protection to prevent damage.

Packing options:

Ecological packaging (2.5kg or 5kg)
Foil packaging (1kg)
Foil printing
Resealable label
Best by date provided

Ecological packaging

Elmofood will offer a completely ecological, plastic-free packaging in the near future. The packaging is available in 2.5kg or 5kg. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

More information?

At Elmofood we attach the utmost importance to quality and follow-up. That is why we attend to your request with great care.